How to Generate 10’s Of Thousands of Dollars for Your Business Using Social Media

If you want to lose weight…


If you want to construct a strong comfortable and good looking house…


If you want to get good grades in a class…


What do all of these things have in common?


They all require a system to follow in order to achieve the end result.


What does this have to do with generating tens of thousands of dollars for your business using
social media?




You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


You just need to follow the system that works for small businesses all across the world.


What is that system that I’m referring too?


It’s a Customer Acquisition System.


The one and only purpose of this system is to generate more customers for your business.


It’s really important that I be extremely clear here, this system is designed to get your business customers. Period. End of story.


It’s not designed to get you more website traffic or to get you more brand awareness or to further your message or to get you more Facebook likes….


I’m not saying that those things aren’t important, but what I am saying is that if your goal is to acquire more customers for your business…. then you need a system designed for that sole reason.


Here’s the 3 step process that we use for our customer acquisition service.

1. Advertise- Get the attention of a qualified prospect.

2. Capture- Turn that qualified prospect into an interested lead by getting their contact

3. Sell- Convert that qualified lead into a paying customer.


As you can see from this process, social media plays one huge role in this, which is advertise.


All that we’re doing with this system is we’re bringing what has worked for as long as businesses have been around and just bringing it up to speed with 2019 technology.


See, the fact is that this system has been around forever, and you likely have a Customer Acquisition System for your business right now, but you may not realize it.


You want to get more customers for your business?

You need a Customer Acquisition System.


Don’t get me wrong, you can have a customer acquisition system without using social media.


What are some other ways?
1. Newspaper
2. Print ads
3. TV
4. Radio
5. Cold calling
6. Google advertising
7. Email Marketing


The list goes on and on.


Why would I recommend using social media over the other forms for your Customer Acquisition System?
1. People spend 3-4 hours everyday on their phone and social media
2. No one likes to read anymore, therefore print and paper ads are becoming less effective
3. Radio is outdated with internet radio and cell phone music
4. Whenever TV commercials come on, everyone just goes on their phone and fasts forward
the commercials
5. Google advertising has been around for 10+ years and has inflated prices and competition
6. It’s extremely challenging to find people to cold call for your business
7. Email marketing has very low open rates and you need a huge list to make it effective first which is why the first step is designing this system to get people to add to your list.


I hope this brought you some value.


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Have an amazing day.