Does Marketing and Advertising Actually Work?

This is a really common question I get from business owners all the time, regardless of where
they’re located, what industry they’re in etc. etc.
Look, the fact is, is that marketing and advertising totally 100,000,000% works. Why am I so
confident about that?
In 2016, more than 190 Billion Dollars were spent on advertising in the U.S alone.
If the sheer amount of money spent alone doesn’t convince you that this works, let me ask you
a question.
If I go to the gym and workout, eat healthy, try a diet and supplements and the whole deal to try
and become a bodybuilder and after a few months I don’t get the results I was looking for, does
that mean that working out doesn’t work or does that mean that I don’t know how to work out?
As a small business owner, I realize you have a lot going on.
But please don’t just let others win with advertising and marketing. You deserve wild success for
your business.
Advertising and marketing works, the question is, do you know how to make it work for your