About Us

Meet the Management Team


Matt Buchanan– Founder/CEO

Matt Buchanan has shared the stages with world renown celebrities such as Grant Cardone, Kevin Hart, Floyd Mayweather, Magic Johnson, John Travolta and others. He’s been featured on Forbes #1 Marketing Conference in the world with over 13,000 in live attendance, due to how fast he’s been able to grow his company Pioneers of Marketing, by over 3000% year over year which is 35X faster than the average business. By being able to learn about social media marketing from some of the top experts in the world such as from Forbes #1 Marketing influencer Grant Cardone while serving as the head of social media marketing for a Fortune 5000 fastest growing fitness franchise, this has positioned himself as an expert in the social media marketing space. He’s managed millions in advertising budget and works with small business all over the world, in the meantime creating a multi-million dollar company called Pioneers of Marketing by the age of 22.


Michelle Dela Cruz – Inside Sales Agent

Michelle Dela Cruz joined Pioneers of Marketing in 2019 as an Inside Sales Agent. Prior to Pioneers of Marketing, she worked as a Supervisor in the call center industry for more than 7 years, she have a proven track record as an ISA and Supervisor. I was awarded as a Top Supervisor for 3 consecutive quarters for having an exemplary work ethic and performance.
During her tenure at Pioneers of Marketing, she helped the company build relationships with clients and turn cold canvassing into sales.
She is a self starter, an ambitious and detail-oriented professional who can work with minimal supervision and enjoys unique company spirit while finding ways to improve time management and exceeding expectations.
When she’snot busy, she loves spending time with her family and enjoy playing with her baby.



Lynn Saporito – Account Manager

Lynn is the glue to our organization. She’s here to work side by side with our clients and to grow your revenue. You will love working with Lynn.



Mike Hernandez – Marketing Assistant

Mike is the one that gets things done. No matter the task, no matter the difficulty, he finds a way. He’s a beast in the making.


About Us

Pioneers of Marketing was created by Matt in 2017, from the idea of helping small businesses use where the attention of our society currently is, which is digital and mobile phones, as well as from the idea of how brands can connect with consumers like never before. CEO’s of massive companies, famous musicians & artists, professional athletes and other celebrities can talk directly with consumers easier than ever before. This gives everyone a voice. This shift in attention is greater than the transition from radio to TV because it’s affecting all areas of our lives. Our agency is here to help your small business use where the attention of our world currently is.


We are friendly and enthusiastic professionals here to relieve as much stress away from you as possible.